Liquids animations Compilation in Slow Motion

Compilation complete !


Hello everyone ! Today, it's a new Satisfying Video...🙃😉 Some Liquids animations in Slow Motion with a cool and nice music ! I think it's oddly satisfying to watch... 😵😁😉 I hope you like it anyway...😉

Video Editing with Premiere Pro and it's old Fluids Simulations with FLIP Fluid in too many time... 😅
Renders times were so... long ! I don't remember exactly, but they took days of rendering with my old PC... 😅😅
It was before my new RTX (3090 + 2080Ti) cards, with "only" the GTX generation (1080 + 970) ! 😉

Don't forget to visit my "Behind The Scenes" page :

Have a lot of satifying with this new try... 😆😁😉